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Showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and design sensibility, Arou emerged on the simple but radical premise that women should feel comfortable enough to connect with their sensuality during any time of the day.

Founded by Arzu, Arou developed as a brand that creates pieces women would feel both free and stylish in. The creative mind behind the label, Arzu has set out to construct a lifestyle brand that highlights stunning fabrics while modernizing a traditional garment, the kimono.

Reinterpreting an item that’s been adorned by women in Japan for centuries, our debut collection is consciously crafted with recyclable, vegan fabrics, and each piece is made to last.





With a design aesthetic that’s synonymous with

“re-inventing the classic” and “uncompromised luxury” Arou is driven by a passion for travel, drawing its inspiration from different cultures and geographies. Transforming a timeless fashion staple, “the kimono” while blurring the line between nightwear and ready-to-wear, we aim to create versatile pieces that portray a perfect balance of dressy and casual.

With much of our lives spent in go-mode, Arou designs are appropriate for many settings and can be worn Monday through Sunday. Whether it be the airport, the beach, or while strolling across city pavements trying to make it to your favorite restaurant, we’re certain that our pieces will inject a sense of comfort and opulence / sophistication / elegance to your everyday life...

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